I am such an organized person, and so excited to begin, why do  I need a coordinator?

It takes a person of many hats to successfully coordinate a wedding.  Your wedding may be the most important event of your life.  Although you may be very well capable of planning such an event, you will also need someone to negotiate contracts, suggest reputable vendors, and orchestrate the timeline of the day!  Hiring a wedding coordinator was once a luxury, but with today’s busy couples it’s now a necessity.  A coordinator will not only make sure everything flows smoothly, but will also make sure you stay on track and don’t exceed your budget.


 I don’t think my budget will allow for a coordinator.  How do I allocate the funds for your services?

Fitting a planner into your budget may not be as difficult as it seems.  The money you can save will often exceed the cost of our services.  Hiring a coordinator may not cost you extra money, but save you from costly mistakes that can in turn put you over your budget.  Many of our vendors offer our couples a discount on their contracted services.  We also offer an initial telephone consultation as a complimentary service.  This allows us to discuss the details with you and get an idea of the size and type of event you’re planning.  We can then suggest a tailored package to fit your wedding planning needs.

Can’t I utilize the service of my friends and family?

I’m sure your family and friends would be honored to assist in your wedding day.  However, they deserve to be able to sit back, relax, and enjoy your day just as you do.  Would you want your family in the kitchen and/or making sure the venue is properly decorated?  Chances are you would want to know your family is at your side to give you the support and comfort you need throughout the day.  Hiring a coordinator will allow everyone the flexibility of calling on a professional to handle all the details and clue in on sticky situations before a possible disaster.    

The venue I’ve chosen has an onsite coordinator; do I still need to hire my own coordinator?

Although many venues and resorts have capable coordinators on hand, ultimately their job is to make sure the contractual agreement between you and the venue or resort is upheld.  Although they may be capable of handling small details, they will not track down a misplaced shipment of your attendants’ attire.  Some locations book multiple events at once.  What will you do in the case of personnel change?  You may not deal with the same person who began the planning process with you.