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There are very few things that satisfy me as much as knowing I have helped to create a magical wedding day.  I love watching a couples dream wedding come to life.  With a wave of my magic wand (or just a couple of hours of running around sweating and downing my Red Bull) I get to make all those months of planning come to life.  All those hours logged on Pinterest, all those decisions, all those special touches - I get to make them come to life!!  The bride & groom typically don’t watch how everything comes together, they just know that when they walk into their ceremony & reception it will be everything they dreamed it to be.  I love watching the LOVE.  The way a groom looks when he sees his bride for the first time.  AMAZING!  The way a mother looks as she sees her child giving their heart to another.  The way a father looks as he dances with his daughter.  That much love in one place is like FUEL for me.  It makes me just overflow with joy (and usually tears of my own) because I am blessed to witness it all.   I love being there to calm the nerves, to defuse the stress and to make planning a wedding the best experience possible.  It’s not always easy, but it’s certainly always fulfilling.  Being a wedding planner isn’t for everyone, but it’s definitely for me.  I love that I get to be a friend, confidant & skilled professional to a couple during such a special time in their lives.  

Some Brides you just CLICK with and you know they will always be in your life....

Forever Grateful, Janeen



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