Ceremony Officiant


As a non denominational Wedding Minister,  Janeen will help you design the wedding ceremony.  Personalizing your ceremony and vows is one of the best ways to assert the uniqueness of your union. Whether you chose a traditional or a non-traditional, a large formal wedding or a small informal wedding, it’s your choice.

Together we can determine how much change you desire in modifying your wedding ceremony and vows from a traditional wedding.

The elements of a wedding ceremony are somewhat universal although they may be embellished and their chronology modified from ceremony to ceremony.
Here are some of the major elements:

1. The Greeting (by the Officiant)
2. The Declaration of Intentions (Wedding Vows)
3. The Exchange of Rings
4. The Blessings and Readings
5. The Pronouncement 

Prices & Details for a “location of your choice”.

WEDDING LOCATION: Baltimore & surrounding counties                                                                           Monday-Thursday: $200      Friday-Sunday: $300      Holidays: $400         

REHEARSAL: The Officiant is available for a one hour rehearsal for an additional fee of $125 this includes travel time. Please share your rehearsal needs with us immediately so we book your wedding and rehearsal together. The Officiant does not typically stay for a rehearsal dinner or reception(unless your grandma says we have to), however you may certainly invite them to stay for the celebration, we have been known to indulge in a plate of food or piece of cake at your insistence.

***Minimum deposit of 25% is REQUIRED & non-refundable. Your wedding date is not secure on our calendar until we have receipt of your deposit AND your signed booking contract. Remaining balance is due 10 days before your wedding day.***


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